Tech Reports

Available from the CUNY PhD Program in Computer Science

Justification Logics and Realization, TR2014004, March, 2014

Realization Implemented, TR-2013005, May, 2013. NOTE: The S4 realization program as given in the report contains a bug. It does not produce incorrect results, but it hangs on some inputs. This has been repaired and the corrected version is available here. An instruction had been omitted; a comment in the code identifies the added instruction. There are also realizers for K and for K4. Instructions for use is at the end of each program, in comments.

Possible World Semantics for First-Order LP, TR-2011010, September, 2011

Reasoning About Games, TR-2010002, March, 2010

S4LP and Local Realizability, TR-2007020, November, 2007

Justification Logics and Conservative Extensions, TR-2007015, July 2007

Realizing Substitution Instances of Modal Theorems, TR-2007006, March 2007

A Replacement Theorem for LP, TR-2006002, March 2006

Quantified LP, TR-2004019, December 2004

Semantics and Tableaus for LPS4, TR-2004016, October 2004

A Semantics for the Logic of Proofs, TR-2003012, September 2003

A Semantic Proof of the Realizability of Modal Logic in the Logic of Proofs, TR-2003010, September 2003

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